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Viaggio per un altro viaggio

10,00 € Viaggio per un altro viaggio
ID Code 978-88-7356-157-6
Author/s Giovanni Cara
Publisher Condaghes
Edition 2010
Pages 160
Size 11 x 17 cm
Bookbinding Paperback with flaps and stitched binding
Series Narrativa tascabile
Genre Fiction
Format Paper
Release language Italian

The work

There is nothing that has already been seen, nothing to be taken for granted in these landscapes and in the abundance of plants and creatures that animate them. By the same token, the contrast between the natural and man-made environments does not seem to create a gap or hiatus, but on the contrary it is precisely the complexity of this īmosaicī that seems to restore everything to a harmonic pattern in which the transitional environments prove to be the richest and most interesting, as is only right. And the fascination of the Oristano region lies precisely in this harmony, this amalgamated flux of diversity."

Viaggio per un altro viaggio

10,00 €

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